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Modern day tool
for local logistics

The all-in-one delivery management platform for creating, assigning, notifying, and tracking delivery requests.

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Who can use Dora

Here's a closer look at the industries that can benefit from modern logistics tool

Constantly expanding...

  • Logistics companies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers
  • E-commerce/Marketplace companies
  • and lots more...

Build a business that
lasts for decade

Focus on what matters


Increase Customer Communication

Efficiently organize, track, and notify customers using customized SMS and email messages on the status of their delivery requests.

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Manage unlimited number of deliveries

Standout with an effective and reliable administrative system for managing deliveries and riders.

+32.8% Saved



Increase Revenue

save time, and money and gain comprehensive insight into your delivery business and the revenue.

The modern delivery
essential tools

Manage your
Deliveries & Riders

Manage your deliveries, improve your customers experience, and expand your business

  • Create delivery and Assign to your in-house riders
  • Assign to 3rd party riders (coming soon)
  • Track delivery progress and status
  • Insight to your delivery revenue
  • Manage customers
delivery rules

Your Riders

You can use and manage your own riders and drivers.

  • Get SMS/Email notification when assigned a delivery
  • Online portal to update delivery progress
  • In-house rider app (coming soon)
delivery rules

Your Customers

Take your customer’s delivery experience to the next level

  • SMS/Email notification on the delivery progress
  • Live delivery tracking (coming soon)
  • Invoice generation and receipts of deliveries
delivery rules

Easy Integration &
excellent documentation

Deliver to thousands of customers with Dora's easy-to-use API

#import the DoraClient class

from Dora import DoraClient

# API key (replace with your actual Dora API key)

API_KEY = "your_dora_api_key"

Create DoraClient instance with API key

client = DoraClient(API_KEY)

// We provide a comprehensive library of predefined methods and integrations designed to seamlessly enhance your application’s functionality.
//Our goal is to simplify your workflow by offering a range of tools that empower you to manage customer orders efficiently.

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