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We are not a delivery company, we provide the infrastructure and software tools that allow businesses to organise, manage, scale, and offer delivery independently and efficiently.

Dora is suitable for a variety of businesses, including local logistics businesses, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, e-commerce/marketplace companies, manufacturers, cloud kitchens, and more.

Dora provides tools to help businesses manage delivery operations, save time, and increase profits. The platform is an all-in-one delivery management solution.

Dora allows businesses to focus on what matters by increasing customer communication, efficiently organizing and tracking deliveries, managing an unlimited number of deliveries, and gaining comprehensive insights into the delivery business and revenue.

Dora offers tools to manage deliveries and riders, create and assign deliveries to in-house or third-party riders, in-house rider app (coming soon), track delivery progress, gain insight into delivery revenue and manage customers.

Dora improves customer experience by providing SMS/email notifications on delivery progress, live delivery tracking, and efficient communication.

You can get started by clicking on Get started and accessing the free trial available.

Dora is budget-friendly for delivery companies and businesses, explore the pricing within your budget under the pricing section.

Businesses can contact Dora's support team via email at There are also social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) for staying connected.

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